Leon Loughridge

Raised on a ranch outside of Santa Fe, Leon was influenced by his grandmother's involvement in Northern New Mexico art circles, where he studied under Taos and Santa Fe artists. At age 15, his family moved to Colorado, the home of his great grandfather. Later study at the Colorado Institute of Art along with private study reinforced his abilities.

Stationed in Germany while in the army, he was able to travel extensively throughout Europe. In addition, he studied painting techniques of the old masters for two years, finishing by copying a Franz Hals at the Stuttgart Stattsgalerie Art Museum. Long having an interest in pen and ink, etching took on a special meaning from the museum's collection of etchings.

Leon has continued to develop his printmaking skills and currently owns a publishing company that produces quality hand-printed art editions for artists and commercial vendors. He and his wife also own a gilding studio producing and restoring hand carved gold leaf frames for museums and collectors.

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