Founded in 1969, we are proud to be Summit County's longest-running fine art gallery. Today, Breckenridge Gallery is owned and operated by Tina Rossi and Alex Kendall, who took over for long-time owners Gary and Janet Freese as they passed the torch in Fall 2017.

Tina worked for Gary and Janet for over 7 years helping manage the gallery and its collection. Alex, a local photographer, is joining Tina as they start a new chapter for the Gallery. While it will retain its well-known focus on fine art from the Western U.S. and beyond, Tina and Alex will be adding a fresh approach to the collection with more frequent special exhibits from the very best in landscape, abstract, portrait, nature, and wildlife artists.

We hope you'll come see our recently renovated studio in the heart of downtown, upstairs at 124 South Main Street—our same location just across the street from Downstairs at Eric's.

We're thrilled to help you discover new art for your new home, main or vacation home or new project and can help with staging for realtors and builders, too. We're happy to help you plan your new space and find the right art. We look forward to seeing you!