John Rasberry


Growing up in Texas, John was always captivated with art. "I had two aunts who were talented artists and I was fascinated by the work they created. When I was young, I remember staring at their work and studying it for long periods of time."

John began honing his own talent at a young age. In grade school, his work often showed up in his school's display cases. In junior high, he won scholarships to summer art camps. And in high school... well, that's another story.

At that time, his family had moved to a very small town in central Texas. So small, in fact, that the one high school there didn't offer art classes. He continued his interest anyway by finding ways to use his drawing and sketching skills to illustrate homework projects in his biology and history classes as well as sketching other subjects of interest.

John decided to get serious about his art in college, and enrolled in art and design classes. Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in communication design, he pursued a career in graphic design. Today he co-owns a successful design business. In addition, John has frequently been called upon to teach design and illustration classes at Texas Tech University School of Art during the past 15 years.

John now devotes his time to his painting. Primarily a self-taught painter, he enjoys all art styles but is drawn to traditional, representational art. He is inspired by landscapes, people at work and scenes of everyday life. During his college days, John met and married his wife Karen, who is his biggest fan and helpful critic. They have two daughters, a granddaughter and a grandson.

John is a member of the Oil Painters of America.

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