John Swincinski

Last Light at the Window
45 x 39 in
Imagine what it would be like to step out of one universe and into the mid-air of another. That is what it is like when you reach the end of the Window View Trail at Big Bend National Park. The Window View Trail descends from near the top of the Chisos Basin about 900 feet and follows the tiny little Oak Creek into a narrow canyon – and then it ends. And by ‘ends’ - I mean the water pours off the cliff in front of you and you could literally step-off, out of the ‘window.’ The initial drop is only about 300 feet, but the window is situated a full 1,200 feet above the valley floor. Hence, the feeling of being in mid-air. I stayed at the window until the very last bit of sunlight was consumed by the horizon to the west. I felt small and huge at the same time. It was humbling. Then I had to climb the 900 feet up and out of the canyon in the dark, but that’s a story for a different painting.”