John Swincinski

Goldstein Commission
96 x 76 in

Attached is a mock-up of a 96 x 76 inch painting. Pay no attention to the colors or anything about the composition itself. Like we discussed, I’m providing this to you so you can get a better sense of the proportions and the height. Same width as the existing painting but obviously much taller.

We discussed focusing on bringing nature and the landscape inside, with a focus on texture and creating a sense of expansive space. Use a palette of neutrals, blues and blue greens. The colors from your living room carpet and some of the colors from the existing painting are a good jumping off point. Looking to accent with reds like the painting in the hallway and the other painting in the dining room. Not too much white and stay away from rusty colors. You provided some great imagery and insight to the types of places you like to experience.

Like we discussed the average timeline is about 6 months. This allows the paint to be cured enough to frame and transport. The cost for the piece will be $12,900. There should be no tax as it's being delivered outside of Colorado. I have decided to include delivery and installation in that amount, so no separate charge. I'm looking forward to coming back and seeing more of Austin. To get us started please contact Breckenridge Gallery to provide the deposit. I updated Tina last night and have CC'd them on this email. As the painting nears completion, we can discuss the framing options again. That will be a separate fee paid directly to myself or the framer we choose.