John Swincinski

Eleven on the 4th
58 x 42 in

“Its real name is Rimrock Creek. But no one even knows that. Everyone calls it Eleven Mile Canyon creek because it flows out of the Eleven Mile Canyon Reservoir. During the 4th of July week of 2019, I showed up here after crossing the Continental Divide. I had no campsite reservation and I thought I was destined to sleep in the car somewhere on land outside the government-controlled recreation area. Somehow, through another camper’s unfortunate clerical error, there was just one - open – and unreserved campsite left in the canyon. I knew right then that the fishing gods where with me. It was a magical week. The runoff was late that year and the river was still high and tough to fly fish, keeping a lot of anglers away. I’m a bit of a trout whisperer however, and I netted twenty fish on that day. The water was cold but still teaming with life. It was good for my soul. Maybe I should have called this one – Twenty in Eleven on the 4th. One of the best 4th of July’s of my whole life.”