John Swincinski

Justice & Faith II
36 x 30 in
Justice and Faith, I and II While my work is often representative of the wilderness, every so often like to take break from that and explore how color can evoke thoughts and concepts. In this series, the colors purple and green harken to where I keep my studio, New Orleans, Louisiana. Purple and green are synonymous with Mardi Gras culture there. They were decided upon for the Rex Parade of 1892. There is a third color, Gold, but I don’t want to talk about that one here. Purple and Green however, represent Justice and Faith. But in the context of my studio practice, I contemplate whether I am doing Justice to the experience I am trying to capture in my surfaces and compositions. Am I being true to myself and really making the connections between the paint and the memories? To make sure that happens, I must turn to the next concept – Faith. I must have Faith in myself. Faith that if I let go and let the paint speak for me, I will do the experience Justice. These are the things that swim in my head as I mix colors on my palette during the oppressive heat of a New Orleans summer, wishing I was on a stream instead.