John Swincinski

Crossing the Plateau
37 x 30 in
“The Colorado Plateau spans four states. Near its center is the Four Corners, at 37°N 109°3’W, the only point in the US where four states touch each other at once. The Colorado Plateau serves as the primary drainage for the Colorado River system. Ninety percent of this land’s water eventually ends up in Lake Meade, just outside of Vegas. Looking at its terrain it’s hard to imagine that any water at all gathers out of this region. It is the epitome of high desert. It was hot, dry, dangerous, and beautiful. I traversed this geological wonder on my way from camping at the Grand Canyon to a plein air painting workshop in Telluride. It was the best five hours of windshield time of my whole 2019 summer adventure. The Four Corners Monument was along the route. I didn’t even slow down - man-made lines don’t interest me.”