John Swincinski

Changing Directions
48 x 60 in
According to Heraclitus, “The only constant in life is change.” The fear of change is also a constant. As humans, we like routine. It makes us feel in control of our lives. That fear of change can stagnate us and impede our progress. It can prevent us from reaching our full potential. We must be willing to take risks and sometimes get off the beaten path. I take this philosophy into the woods with me. Especially, when I am fly fishing. I try to explore and change direction often. If I always fish the same stretch of river to the East, after a while I learn every rock and seam that could hold the fish. I learn the peculiarities of what patterns work best. I become an expert at fishing that river. But what do I know of the river to the West? I also take risks every day when I’m painting. Sometimes a painting’s surface becomes precious to me, I become enamored with it, even though I know the painting is not finished. It takes courage to move the painting forward, and faith that in the end, that intermediate layer will have served its purpose.