John Swincinski

Canyon Air
oil on linen
72 x 60 in
“I almost skipped going to the Grand Canyon. I had never been there, but I’ve always heard the stories about how crowded it is. One thing I really didn’t want on this particular trip was crowds. I tried to limit my exposure to others by staying at the lesser popular Desert View Campground at the eastern end of the canyon. It didn’t matter. People were everywhere. And then came my first sunset - standing there on the south rim. As the sun was setting, the view was so spectacular…epic…and sublime, that the people no longer mattered. The canyon was so wide. The scene was so powerful. Everyone just melted away and the only thing etched into my mind were the colors of the reflected light from the canyon walls that gave way to pale green grasslands to the north. It is as if a cloud of supercharged emotional air had enveloped me and shielded me from the throngs of whining snapchat addicted children and their desperate parents. It was an enchanting experience. One that I am thankful I didn’t pass on.”